Welcome to BrownGirlCreating

I am Bethany Mayo.

I wanted a way to centralize all my creative endevers, so here we are! Welcome to BrownGirlCreating. 

I currently work as a performer and Teaching Artist in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.  I have been professional in the theatre since 2012. I love the ephemeral and temporary nature of theatre.  Knowing a show will come to the end of its run and close is the very essence of living in the moment. It is one of the most beautiful things about live theatre. 


However, after years of working in theater I decided to get into an art form that was more tangible. I started quilting so I could express myself in a more permanent way. Well made quilts survive in museums for decades. But I don't make my quilts for a museum or as art pieces, I make quilts for everyday use. There is nothing quite so comforting as a blanket. 

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